Beginner's Workshop - PhotoImpact

Welcome to the FREE Beginner's Workshop for PhotoImpact!

This workshop is now a Self-Study format. Sadly, after Corel purchased ULEAD they decided not to continue the development of PhotoImpact in favor of their other recent purchase of PaintShop Pro by JASC. So, no new versions and gradually the workshop has ground to a close.

We don't want to abandon the graduates of the workshop. So we are now going to provide the full list of our tutorials and allow anyone to access them at any time. Just click on Self-Study Tutorials above and you will be on your way.

In addition to publishing the list of tutorials we are also including a Help Request form. Three former mentors will review the questions asked and answer you as soon as possible.

We thank all who have participated in the Workshop in the past. You made us the success we are.